Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Getting on the List

Please send me an EMAIL to have your firm added to the list. I'm making no assumptions about who wants to be on the list so I won't automatically add a firm that I've worked for or know is using Revit. Just let me know and on the list you'll go.

(Added 8/23/06) Please make sure you are authorized to ask me to place your firm on the list. Please don't be enthusiastic about Revit and leave the proper people out of the decision making process.

Privacy (added 5/7/06)
The information added to this list is presently limited your firm's web site address, firm name and location(s). I can only assure the privacy of communications you and your firm have had with me. The information your web pages offer will be available to anyone with internet access. This list lets your web site do the "talking".

I assure you that contacting me to be added to the list will not result in solicitation by me regarding consulting services. The only way you'll have such communication with me is if you initiate it. I cannot guarantee that others won't contact you but they won't get any information from me or the list that they can't already get from your web site(s). Any information you provide unrelated to the list will remain private.